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KMGE was established in 1997 to provide professional pipe rehabilitation services in the Middle East from the regional office in Abu Dhabi and has its business field in rehabilitation of the pressure and Gravity pipelines of Waste Water sectors with no-dig technologies which protect the pipelines from corrosion and collapses. These (no-dig) rehabilitation systems have many advantages. Since the rehabilitation work is carried out inside the existing pipe through inspection manholes or pits, no traffic disturbance result, like what happens during conventional pipe replacement.
KMGE has extensive experience in all rehabilitation systems coming from our technology provider, CIPP(UV) of RELINEEUROPE/ Germany and Spiral Wound SPR-Rib loc/ Australia. These (no-dig) rehabilitation systems have many advantages, offering additional pipe stiffness that overcomes any deterioration level in the existing pipes.


Deliver cost effective, high quality, low risk solutions for all pipeline and culvert rehabilitation, extending the life of existing assets.


Continually strive to improve workplace safety with an emphasis on ensuring that our people return home to their families day after day.


Years of experience within the service industry, combined with the latest advanced technologies makes us specialized leaders in our field.


Our values are demonstrated by active and visible leadership that engages our employees and stakeholders to execute our services with safety.