Chairman's Letter


As we started work in one of our major projects of trunk sewer pipe rehabilitation in the city of Abu Dhabi in 1997, we had the intention to introduce a new No-Dig Technology to a modern city such as Abu Dhabi.
Years after concluding many successful projects of diameters ranging between 150mm to 1600mm, we contemplate with joy and contentment that our method of No-Dig Technology has become the approved and favored method of pipe rehabilitation in the United Arab Emirates, and as such has enjoyed the full support of the Municipality of Abu Dhabi.
KMG Emirates provides complete technical consultation services and latest state-of- the-art technology with regards to leading technologies of CIPP and Spiral Wound System, in addition to the latest technology in CCTV Inspection and Cleaning. These methods have become one of the most popular ways used in the maintenance of pipes.
Based on demand KMG has recruited skilled personal and provided them the required training and guidance. We have our own engineering and project department supported by our Technology Providers to provide you with the suitable design and to focus the full range of KMG’s resources concerning your specific problem.
I am proud to introduce KMG Emirates as a pioneer company with a profound track record in the field of pipe rehabilitation.
It will be our pleasure to receive your enquiries and extend our services to you.

Managing Director
Bahij Al-Hassooni

Company Profile

KMG PIPE REHABILITATION EMIRATES is one of the middle east's leading pipe rehabilitation company and have a long proven track record in the application of (no-dig) rehabilitation methods which protect the old pipe line with diameter range for Gravity (sewer & storm pipelines) from diameter 150 mm up to 5000 mm.
KMGE was established in 1997 to provide professional pipe rehabilitation services in the Middle East from the regional office in Abu Dhabi and has its business field in rehabilitation of the pressure and Gravity pipelines of Waste Water sectors with no-dig technologies which protect the pipelines from corrosion and collapses.
KMG Emirates (KMGE) has the ability for the execution of Pipe Cleaning and Closed Circuit Television Survey (CCTV-survey) before and after rehabilitation, using the most advanced technology in the field combined with the most powerful cleaning units.
KMG Emirates had been registered and approved as a pipe rehabilitation contractor with public authorities and industry like Abu Dhabi Municipality, Dubai Municipality, Abu Dhabi Sewer Services Company (ADSSC). Furthermore KMG Emirates has been prequalified in Bahrain and Saudi Arabia.State of the Art Technology, high quality equipment, and a highly experienced team of professional engineers deliver the full range of KMG Emirates resources on client`s specific problem.